Ancient Roman Visits to any School in the UK
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On The Day of the Visit

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and loved experiencing all the Roman items. The experience has already had an impact on the learning we have done since.”
James Duffy, teacher, St Laurence Junior School 

I arrive “self contained” – and will bring everything I need with me!

The sessions can take place in a classroom or school hall or large room

If a classroom is used I normally arrange all the tables/desks around the perimeter of the class to hold all the resources. The pupils sit on the floor in the middle until the time comes for activities and object handling etc

If a hall or large room is used I will need the school to supply eight large tables to hold everything that I bring – tables are the only thing that I am unable to bring along.

Sometimes, of course, I know that the hall may be used for school dinners at lunchtime, so if this is the case I would push the tables holding everything to one side to make room for the dinner tables. However because I bring so much with me I am unable to pack everything away before lunch and set it up again afterwards. This means that the school must provide me with tables that are not needed during lunch.

Normally a teacher is present for the sessions, but really only to help the children with the activities as I will run and organize the presentation, taking charge of the group. However the behavior of the class is ultimately the responsibility of the teacher!

As my workshops are “hands-on” they work best one class at a time but certainly no more than 45 children in an individual session.


Roman School Workshops

Ancient Roman Visits to any School in the UK

Can I visit you school to make a Roman presentation or workshop? Please phone me on 01634 401274 or email I also present workshop visits for Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods! Please visit my Medieval Days website for more information.

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